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We Are Grounded in Business Fundamentals
Searching for Profit is a marketing consultancy focusing on the interaction of the consumer with businesses using search engines, RSS, blogs, podcasting or other new media to deliver their message. Searching for Profit is grounded in business fundamentals and focuses on developing business results for those adopting new marketing strategies.. In the for-profit arena, the objective is obvious. Even non-profits must achieve the maximum result while conserving resources.

Customer Relationships Are Key
It is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals. Marketing is not about beautiful creative or catchy slogans. It is about drawing customers into long term relationships with your business. No longer is the marketerą“”sk to create awareness and a memory of a product or service.  Today it is about intercepting a prospect moving rapidly across a digital landscape filled with attractive offerings and options. Customers use the Web to research, shop and purchase products unaided by sales personnel. They rely on their own ability to find what they want and need through search engines and online media.  Searching for Profit can help you develop the strategy, select the keywords and create the messages that you need to intercept todayą¤©scerning customer.

Make Sales and Profits
To make sales and achieve profits, the marketer must know how to provide the consumer precisely the information desired at each phase of the buying cycle. This requires an in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and the language of searching and buying. Searching for Profit helps businesses navigate the changing media landscape of blogs, podcasting and comsumer-generated media. Searching for Profit draws on the skills and experience of experts in marketing, sales, consumer behavior and the language of search.

We Are Experts
If you are not yet sure of how to integrate blogs and RSS into your marketing strategy, Searching for Profit can help you. Our book
Business Blogs: A Practical Guide is acclaimed as a real guide for how business can use blogs. Beyond the book, we can guide you so that you too can capture the power of buzz marketing for your business.

We invite you to tour this site. You can expect to find not only information about what we do but also an array of useful articles and information on online marketing.   




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