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A Search and Marketing Consultancy
Searching for Profit is a search and marketing communications consultancy.
  Our clients are marketers seeking expert advice to enhance their own in-house capabilities.

  • How do blogs fit into your marketing efforts?
  • Can blogs and RSS really improve search marketing performance?
  • Are you getting the most from your public relations efforts?
  • How can you best implement RSS for your site?
  • Have you questioned the ROI of your search marketing efforts?
  • Have you considered whether to try podcasting or questioned how it can benefit your search marketing efforts?
  • Are you paying too much for keyword placements or search marketing services?
  • Are you choosing the best keywords for your business?

If you are asking these questions, Searching for Profit may have answers for you.

Do You Need a Coherent Strategy?
Do you need to develop a coherent marketing strategy that includes blogging, podcasting, RSS along with your search marketing efforts? We will work with you to hone a strategy that will meet your profit objectives. Our business is consulting. We are not just a pair of hands executing a cookie cutter search marketing program. We develop an assessment of what you need to do and spend to get the results you desire. You make the choices.

Do You Need to Evaluate How to Leverage RSS and Blogs?
Not sure if you should add a blog to your marketing mix, not sure if RSS really is mainstream enough to spend your time on? Searching for Profit will work with you as you evaluate these new technology and assess how they might fit with you overall marketing strategy to ensure that you get the best results you can achieve with your budget.

Do You Need A Team All on the Same Page?
Do your teams for marketing strategy, Web marketing and technology consistently speak the same language? Do they have a common vision of the contributions required from each for the business to maximize the results? Searching for Profit employs expert change management and team-building practices to maximize the strengths of these diverse players rather than seek a sub-optimal compromise.

 Do You Need Training on Search Engine Marketing?
Do you have a strong in-house marketing team that needs a richer understanding of search marketing and its evolving role? Searching for Profit will create customized training so that your entire marketing team understands how search can integrate into your marketing program.

Searching for Profit Is Your Answer
Whether you’re looking for a point solution to a well-defined problem or continuing support as you define and adjust your marketing plan, Searching for Profit will be your guide. 



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